About Us

"Over the last twenty years we have progressively and decisively dominated the activity adventure world in the UK and Ireland and now represent the biggest and the best activity brands. No one can match us because we are passionate about what we do and passion is an unstoppable force. Let us bring that passion into your life with our brand new and undeniable awesome Adventure Card" Bernie, CEO.

Excitement overload awaits the holders of the Adventure Card. Packed with awesome as standard and stuffed with excitement and fun every time you use it.

Easy to get hold of, this mighty little card packs a huge activity punch - 100 to be exact. Add to that, a whopping 2,000 venues that stretch the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland and the Adventure Card knocks any other activity offering out of the park - way out of the park! No one, but no one can, or does, offer anywhere near the same scope - period!

Unrestricted access to huge brands, such as 'Go Ballistic', 'Karting Nation', 'Laser Strike' 'Jump This' 'The Big Shoot' 'Geronigo' 'Roll Mania' 'Mud Mayhem' 'National Archery' 'Scenes Above' 'Surfs Cool' 'Go Falconry' and four times as many more, the Adventure Card is a must have for any adventure seeker.

It's easy to plug your friends or family into the biggest and the best activity adventure network in the UK and Ireland. Fun, adventure, excitement and massive personal achievements are happening every day with the Adventure Card - don't let your mates or family miss out. So, load that baby up with some nail biting, heart-pumping fun, fun, fun and reap the rewards for being the best mate, brother, sister, Mum, Dad, Uncle, Aunt........... ever!!

Jump on the website and order online, or call us if you can't decide on the activity. It's that simple and the cards are valid for any venue. We eat, sleep and drink activity adventures and have done for the past 20years so we know the odd thing about what it takes to put together awesomeness. We are tireless in out pursuit of excellence and never tire of delivering the best possible experience. Put us to the test.

So, you know what to do now - ditch the dull gift ideas that will leave them cold and grab a fistful of fun, shed-loads of awesome and a whole heap of whoo hoo! Get the card that will leave them smiling for a very long time. Call us now.